Ladies and gents, as someone who has been doing it for a while now, I’m here to tell you that remote work is the hottest invention since penicillin.

Don’t quote me on that, though.

Remote work is amazing, especially when you live and work in a place that every time you leave your house, it feels like you’re Super Mario trying to get from one end of a difficult underground stage to the other.

Lagos people, how una dey?

Anyway, if you’re thinking of working remotely, I have a starter kit for you. It’s a list of things you’ll need to make sure your time doing office work in pyjamas goes smoothly.

1) A job that allows remote work.

If you’re a writer, developer, designer, video editor, etc then working remotely won’t be a hassle. However, if you work at a place where remote work is next to impossible e.g bank, I am so sorry but this article isn’t for you. So it feels like you didn’t waste your time, here’s a picture of Guy Fieri hilding a giant hotdog:

2) Have a boss that hopefully doesn’t like looking at your face.

While it does feel good to have a nice boss, it can cross over from “cute” to “creepy” really quick when shit like this starts happening. Having a job that allows remote work won’t mean a thing if you have Willy Wonka as your boss.

3) A workspace.

It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy. It could just be a chair and a table in the corner of your room. Because sitting on your bed, hunched over your computer is exactly how you end up looking like Quasimodo. And lying down to work is exactly how you end up asleep.

4) Strong Internet

The fact that the internet allows one to access Slack, Google Drive, etc from anywhere on the planet is the main reason remote work is possible. Having shitty internet cuts you off from your colleagues, leading to some of them thinking that your remote day was just an excuse to nap.

5) A reliable power source:

If you think PHCN is going to come through for you when you need them the most, you’re a clown whose costume will be delivered shortly. Get you a reliable source of electricity (generator, inverter, solar panel etc) to power your devices (computer, modem, fan etc).

6) And one last thing:

With remote work, it’s up to you to structure your time and get stuff done. A difficult thing to do because that’s a thing you’ve always relied on your boss to do for you. So without the piercing gaze of your boss, you’re going to want to procrastinate and stuff. But you also have to remember that shit like that is what gets you unemployed.

Don’t dull yourself.


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