7 People You’II Meet In Every Nigerian Office

January 14, 2020

Nigerians are definitely some of the most colourful characters around, and everywhere they go, the personalities jump out. Every workplace has its set of unique characters, but these are the ones you will probably find in most:

Members of the night club

danielle brooks work GIF

For some reasons, it seems that they have triple the workload everyone else in the office has to do. No matter how late you stay, you will never leave the office before they do. If you didn’t know better, you would think they’ve turned the office into a makeshift home, and that their stuff is tucked away somewhere no one would find them. Depending on how the office works, they usually hold the keys to the office, and if you check the register, you will see that the earliest time they sign-out is 9 PM. 

The Goofballs

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They know they have a job to do, but they are not about to make their lives miserable because of it. They are always up and about, trying to make everyone get a break and laugh. Oh, by the way, they are usually in charge of music and other forms of office entertainment.

The Remote Workers

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You hardly see them come into the office. Most of the time, you wake up to emails from them notifying everyone that they would be working from home. 

The Food Managers

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They are mostly active during lunch hours. They take food orders, go round to collect money, call the restaurant and have them deliver the food to the office. No complaints here; they are doing the lord’s work, to be honest.

The Resident Mute

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You would think that their contract mandates them to keep their thoughts to themselves every time they are at work. You see, their eyes wander around, but their lips never part or attempt to make a sound unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Cold-Blooded

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The world could be burning outside, with debilitating heat wafting through the air and these ones would still ask that the air conditioning be turned off. Because they know they will probably get outvoted most of the time, they always come in with extra layers of thick clothing.

The Hard-Faced Guys

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The work matters to them so badly that they hardly take time off to breathe. One look at them and you would repress the thought to approach and engage them. You would be wise not to, by the way, because they always have a scowl etched on their faces.

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