We’ve compiled 11 of our most viral food quizzes from the past couple of months, and we guarantee they’ll make you hungry.

1. If You Get 15/23 On This Food Quiz, You’re A Cultist 

Are you a cultist? Take this quiz.

2. Can You Identify These Nigerian Foods Without Colour?

Can you get at least 8/12? Take this quiz.

3. Can You Guess 8/11 Nigerian Meals From These Brain Teasers?

Are you clever enough to get these Nigerian meals? Take this quiz.

4. Only Nigerians Who Can Cook Will Get 7/11 On This Quiz

Can you cook? Take this quiz.

5. Only True Foodies Will Get 18/25 On This Very Nigerian A-Z Food Quiz

Nigerian foodies, are you ready? Take this quiz.

6. Only Nigerians Who Don’t Skip Breakfast Will Get 9/11

Are you a breakfast lover? Take this quiz.

7. Only True Cooks Will Get 8/10 In This Ingredients Quiz

How many odd ingredients can you pick out? Take this quiz

8. Score 9/11 To Prove That Your Food Isn’t Tasteless 

Do you season your food? Take this quiz.

9. Only True Chocolate Lovers Will Get 7/11 On This Quiz

Are you a chocolate lover? Take this quiz.

10. What Roadside Snack Are You?

Are you puff puff or akara? Take this quiz.

11. Which Peppersoup Are You?

Are you cow leg or catfish? Take this quiz.


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