When my father decided to sell the land beside our house, a prospect said he needed it for an adult school. Imagine our surprise when kids moved into the building after it was completed.

Based on this experience, here are some sounds no one wants to wake up to after moving into a new apartment: 

Noises from children

Whether they’re singing at the assembly, laughing or reciting the two times table. Nobody deserves to suffer like that, certainly not for kids who aren’t yours. 

Church bells

The moment you hear church bells, just know you’re in trouble. Because what happens when they decide to hold a 7-day revival, a crusade or even early morning prayers? 

And you can’t even tell God to push them away, so you just sit and cry. 

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Squeaking of rats 

No one wants a freeloader roommate, especially the type that interrupts your beauty sleep cause it wants a midnight snack. 

Neighbours’ singing

Nobody said they shouldn’t be happy, but can they be happy at a lower pitch? Mama Chinelo, I don’t want to Buga. I just want to sleep. 

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Landlord’s voice 

Nothing good comes out of landlord visits, everyone knows that. We’d rather he texts us whatever he has to say even.

Domestic animals

There should be laws against rearing animals in residential areas tbh. Because not only are they noisy, they also smell a lot. Imagine going through the torture for meat you’re not even going to eat.

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