The topic of how young Nigerians navigate romantic relationships with their earnings is a minefield of hot takes. In Love Currency, we get into what relationships across income brackets look like in different Nigerian cities.

Mason* (24) and Kelly *(24) are a young couple trying to make money off the thing they love — music. In this week’s Love Currency, Mason shares how they met during a music business course, curating music playlists for each other and their plan to take over the music industry together.

What’s your love language?

It’s always been quality time. But having my girlfriend send me constant business opportunities has made me realise it’s also acts of service. 

What type of opportunities?

She’s a music marketing personnel, so she usually takes me to events where I can network, and whenever she gets a talent to manage, she tries to bring me on board for the PR. 

Oshey, power couple. How did you two meet? 

I saw her speak at a friend’s event in 2021 and liked her immediately. Then, we met during an online music business course in September 2022. I needed help with an assignment, and she offered to help. From there, we started talking, but I tried to keep the relationship professional even though I already liked her. 


We had met with work so I didn’t want to cross the line. But then she found me on Twitter. I had tweeted asking who was interested in reading something I’d written, and she replied. I sent it to her, and she loved it. She said it resonated with her.

What was it about?

It was a piece about depression. While everyone else had interpreted it as a cry for help, she understood that it was just for documentation. 

I recently started giving her handwritten notes because she seems to prefer them. Whenever she isn’t feeling good, I write something for her to wake up to — words of affirmation. That’s her love language. 

Aww. How did you go from friends to dating?

We had our graduation party at a hotel in December 2022. A group of us had gone to the beach from the event, and when we returned to the hotel, we decided to take a stroll. That was when she kissed me. We started dating in January 2023.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023?

She had work that day, so we didn’t see till the following weekend when we went to the beach.

What about gifts?

She made me a playlist. We make playlists for each other depending on the other person’s mood and what we’re trying to say. I also got her a necklace and earrings that cost less than ₦3k, but she liked them.

How often do you go out?

She’s more social, so she’s always trying to drag me outside to meet people and network. I’m more reserved, so most of our outings are to the beach, alone or with our friends.

How much does this cost?

Anything from ₦10k – ₦20k, and either of us pays at different times. Sometimes, one person pays for transport while the other pays for tickets. We don’t really pay attention to these things. We almost had to fight before she finally sent me her account number because I wanted to repay her for the money she’d spent on one of our outings.

What’s the most you’ve spent on an outing?

I spent about ₦60k during a staycation one time. The plan was to stay at the hotel for two days, but we ended up staying for five. The room cost between ₦8k – ₦9k, but we spent a lot of money on The Place food. There were days when we spent ₦10k on food, but she chipped in sometimes.

Do you have conversations about money?

Yes, we do. We’re in the same industry, so sometimes, I help revise her marketing plan. She also helps me ensures I charge enough. She’s given me a target to start charging in dollars by the end of 2023. 

Wawu. Do you know how much she earns though?

Not really. I have an idea, but I never bother to ask because I don’t think it’s important. I’m okay if she earns more than me because I know she’ll flex me with the money.

What do you mean?

She knows I like eating, so she’s always surprising me with food. I know she’s planning something for my birthday because she recently tweeted how a perfume she wanted to get was over ₦100k. I’ve told her she doesn’t have to do anything but she’s stubborn. That’s how she convinced me to start posting on TikTok. I started my fitness business towards the end of 2022, but I didn’t start creating content around it for TikTok until we started dating and she convinced me to. Now, I use it to redirect more people to my Instagram page where most of my business comes from.

Do you have a financial safety net?

Not right now. I’m currently using my savings to rent a self-con on the mainland, which costs ₦250k per year.

Not bad. If you see ₦400k now, how would you spend it?

I’d buy food so I can see road well. Then, I’d send my mother ₦50k, keep ₦100k for flex, give ₦50k to my babe and save ₦200k. I’m actually good at saving, but when you don’t make enough money, you have to save your life first.


I’m currently searching for job at a record label that’d guarantee regular income.

What’s your ideal financial future as a couple?

I want to be one of the top PR professionals in the music industry, start my own brand, own a gym, maybe even try out song writing. But I can’t put a price to any of that.

What of Kelly?

She just launched her entertainment business recently. She’d want it to be one of the best in the world.

Does this mean you’d be competitors?

Not at all. If anything, we’d be partners. She’d get the clients, and I’d work on the PR plan for them, or I’d refer talents to her team. 

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