Consider this the disclaimer the Youtube workout tutorials forgot to leave. You’re welcome.

1. Your entire body will protest against this level of stress you are suddenly introducing.

Your legs will feel heavier and your back will feel personally attacked. Basically your entire body will be in a lot of painful tears.

2. The abs won’t come by in 4 days.

So stop checking. But why are you even checking? After diligently swallowing midnight eba for 2 years you’re expecting abs to come in 4 days of working out? Hilarious.

3. Plank is actually not as easy it looks.

Neither are squats. Or sit ups. In fact none of it as effortless as it looks. Anybody that said workout is effortless should be arrested. They are talking in the dangerous rubbish.

4. You will most likely skip a few days because you cannot come and kill yourself.

zikoko- Youtube Workout Tutorials

And on those days you will realize that the abs might not even look good on you. Also, in your defence being a Nigerian is enough stress already.

5. You will most likely start eating like a horse.

zikoko- Youtube Workout Tutorials

Your body will suddenly require more food and more often than it usually does.

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