Between being funny, intelligent, beautiful, unique and God’s greatest gift to earth, there’s nothing women can’t do. At Zikoko, we carry women’s matters on our heads, which is why we’re planning a party for the girliesssss.

Women are hardly ever wrong, but let’s talk about the few times they might have been. And the reasons why that happened. 

Bathing with scalding hot water

Going out and being in contact with sin will make you want to wash it off with the highest temperature of water you can find. Women don’t want to live in sin, we want to be rid of it, and the best way to do that is to burn it off our skins. 

Spending our savings on enjoyment

If you guys live more than once, we women know we only live once, and there’s always something to be celebrated. The same way we saved the one we use for enjoyment is how we’ll save another one for a more serious purpose.

Rewarding ourselves after an inconvenience

To be honest, this isn’t wrong; it’s a necessity. Life is already hard, and adulting is dealing with us. A little reward after a long day, week, or month doesn’t hurt anyone. 

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Going out with our thoughts and prayers

There’s a slight chance this one is wrong sha because every woman needs some vex money. Thoughts and prayers hardly ever fail us. Nonetheless, don’t go out without a little extra cash. 

Dating men

Dating men is reserved for God’s most patient soldiers. Whew. Love and light to the women who are dating Nigerian men, especially those living in Lagos. 

Fitting our patience into our mini bags

Mini bags are the most befitting bags for a Nigerian woman’s patience. We’re managing the little patience we have, and we only take a little of it when we go out. 

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Not ironing our clothes

Ironing is the worst chore known to man, and we women want an easy, stress-free life. Trust me when I say the sun in Nigeria is hot enough to straighten our clothes when we wear them.

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Saying we’re not hungry and then begging for our partner’s food

Making decisions is so tough, and women want it all. We also want to eat some of our partner’s food to ensure they don’t die alone if the food is poisoned. 

Helping our partners keep their clothes

As you can see, we didn’t say “stealing”; we said “helping”. All women do is help you keep your clothes in a safer place, away from you and your wardrobe. You should be thanking your babe for being a forward thinker. 

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In case you missed it, Zikoko is bringing all the hot girls to the yard for a festival. We’ll dance, play games and shake our asses. Buy your tickets here



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