You want to know why the Nigerian women in your life do not iron clothes? Well, here are six very simple reasons.

1) Clothes

Have you seen the clothes of an average Nigerian woman? Where do you expect them to start the ironing from? With all the ruffles, puffs and pleats. The clothes look like they were made by structural engineers. Abeg.

2) They want to give you the opportunity to love them

If your love language is acts of service, there must be a service before you can act. So, they are helping you prove you love them by giving you a service to act on. You cannot afford gift giving and traffic will not allow you do quality time, so be happy with this one. In fact, you should be telling them thank you.

3) The economy

Imagine what will happen to all the dry cleaners in Nigeria if Nigerian women started ironing their own clothes? They will all close shop and then the poverty and employment rate in the country will increase. Their decision to never iron their clothes is singlehandedly keeping the Nigerian economy afloat.

4) Lack of wickedness

The only people that enjoy ironing are wicked people that are practicing for how hot hell will be. Since Nigerian women are Angels and will never go to hell, they do not engage in such activities.

5) Time consciousness

Do you know how long a good face beat takes? You now want them to beat their face AND iron their clothes? It is like you do not want to go where you are going on time.

6) It is a social construct

The concept of ironing clothes is a social construct created as a means to stress women. So what if clothes have wrinkles???

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