A lot of women think stealing their men’s clothes is the ultimate show of love. Although they aren’t entirely wrong, the idea is still debatable. There are other ways to let your man know you love him that won’t involve robbing him of his clothes. 

Think of this article before you stretch out your hand to unhang that hoodie you’ll never return.

1. You don’t want his enemies thinking you’re him

Imagine your man has enemies and you’re outside in sweatpants that belong to him and his enemies now attack you thinking it was him? Don’t ask why my imagination seems to be going crazy, I only have your best interest in mind. Not stealing men’s clothes is for your own safety because you never know who’s after them. 

2. You don’t want anyone thinking you’re a side chick

Hmm, you don’t want someone stopping you in the supermarket to ask why your shirt has the same stain her husband’s shirt has. You’ll be there in front of a stranger having a staring contest. 

3. You REALLY don’t want anyone thinking you’re a side chick

“Oh, this looks like a shirt I bought my boyfriend for valentine’s day.” The spinning Mr Krab gif is what’s going to happen in your head because your man already told you his coworker gifted him the shirt when they did secret Santa in his office.

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4. He’s going to retaliate by stealing your skincare products

Men don’t retaliate in bits, they must always go the extra mile. I don’t know how stealing a simple shirt means they have to steal your skincare products. Do they know how much skincare is? 

5. You’re going to leave him naked 

Only a few men are really stylish. If you steal all his cool clothes, you’re only condemning him to nakedness and I know that’s not what you want for your man. If he has ten super cool shirts, steal eight and share the remaining two with him. After all, you’re such a thoughtful person. 

6. You can inherit his behaviour by wearing his clothes 

You’ll suddenly feel the urge to lie, gaslight people and cheat the way he does. His DNA is trapped in his sweat and the sweat is trapped in his hoodie, now your sweat has mixed with his and you’re now one with him. Anything can go wrong.

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