There’s a lot of mystery surrounding why women cheat in relationships. To help broaden humanity’s scope of knowledge we decided to conduct a study using the most logical tool of all time- by simple asking the subjects.

And here’s what 7 women told us about why they cheated.

Lilian, 23: “I wanted something different”.

I just wanted something different. I was already dating my current boyfriend for a while and but we slipped into a routine that was beginning to bore me. I just wanted a different kind of sex I guess, and attention.

Jennifer, 26: “I did it to get back at my boyfriend“.

I’m not proud of it. But I did it to get back at my boyfriend because he was cheating too. And the sex turned out to be so good I couldn’t stop.

zikoko- why women cheat

Jasmine, 25: “I just wanted to”.

I just wanted to, probably me being adventurous. But it did not end in praise sha. 

zikoko- why women cheat

Ivie, 29: “I stopped investing in one person”.

I cheat all the time because I stopped investing all my emotions in one person. It always ends in heartbreak, so why not catch fun.

zikoko- why women cheat

Ada, 26: “I wanted to be spoiled”.

I wanted to be spoiled. My boyfriend at the time knew nothing about making a women feel special. But I loved him because he was smart and ambitious. Although sometimes it felt like he was numb to my emotions. Then I met someone else who was willing to give me the baby girl treatment. Of course I was not going to deny myself the pleasure.

zikoko- why women cheat

Ij, 22: “Distance was taking a toll on me”.

Distance was taking a toll on me so I just found myself doing it. But i stopped before it ruined my relationship. Besides, long distance relationships are too stressful. And it hits harder if the relationship did not start as one.

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