Apparently single Nigerian women are easy targets for unwanted advice and side talks. There are a billion problems plaguing the country but somehow people still consider a relationship status that says “single” to be an anomaly that should be fixed ASAP.

Like our list of annoying breakup lines, there’s also a list of annoying things people say to single Nigerian Women.

1. Consistent shade from parents with the theme being “When will you get married”?

zikoko- single Nigerian Women

When the time is right mummy. I will get married when the time is right.

2. Married friends telling them not to worry their own time will come

zikoko- single nigerian women

Married people are getting divorced too but you don’t see me putting you on that wait list.

3. Nigerian Landlords asking single Nigerian women to bring their husbands before renting a place

But what has that got to do with the rent you are charging me?

4. People expecting them not to have Friday night plans just because they are single.

Who trademarked “#TGIF” for people in relationships?

5. People inviting them to church services to find their husbands

zikoko-single Nigerian Women

But when did it become a life or death matter?

6. Unwanted family meeting attention

There is still no cure for cancer or COVID-19 but my family would rather concentrate a on a cure for me being single.

7. Friends introducing them to all their other single male friends

Can you just let me breath please? Being single is not life threatening.

8. Diligent matchmaking from their parents

Mummy, the only thing we both have in common is that we are single.

9. People asking if he is the one when they post a picture of a man.

zikoko- single nigerian women

Getat of my DM please.

10. Friends and family telling them to lower their expectations.

Why don’t you set a constructive example for me by taking a lesser salary than you deserve?

11. Friends telling them to reconsider their ex

zikoko- single nigerian women

Just out of objective curiosity what makes you think it would work this time?

12. People telling them they are running out of time.

zikoko- single nigerian women

Who made you the timekeeper in my life?

Which one of this lines do you hear the most? And while you are here we asked some Nigerian women to answer the most googled questions about relationships, its a hilarious read.



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