As a grown adult woman there are a lot of awkward scenarios you would have to wade through on your path to becoming. One of such is introducing your boyfriend to your parents. The stricter the parents the more awkward and delicate the entire thing becomes.

Here is our guide to helping you slay this feat.

1. Consult your family’s constitution to make sure you are of the right age

First of all you need to make sure that it is the right time to take this step as dictated by the rules of engagement in your home or better put- the constitution guiding your house. Just so we’re on the same page, this constitution is the one signed by your father, co-signed by your mother and strictly revered by you and your siblings.

2. Then make sure your Boyfriends is ready to be introduced

This is the part where you start double checking to make sure you are not dating yourself. Ask him if he is ready for this yet. Don’t ambush your boyfriend into it or trick him into it. This has to be a scene he walks clear headed into.

3. Tell your sister/ any sibling first

Because she is your first team member in the house. You get bonus tips if she has done it before if not you will still need the moral support. She’ll be there to jump in when conversations get awkward or the silence gets awkward or anything gets awkward.

4. Chip it to the parent you are closest to first

This is for extra moral support and to have them relay the news to the other parent.

5. Give your boyfriend a mini lecture on your family so he comes prepared.

zikoko- introducing boyfriend to parents

You need to give him a mental tour of how your family works. Think of it as giving him a heads up as to what to expect and a lecture on topics to avoid.

6. Wear your Sunday best

zikoko- introducing boyfriend to parents

Yes, you need all the right impressions you can make. A good choice would be an outfit that expresses the home training your parents deposited in you. This is the time to wear what your dad would have picked and accessorize it the way your mum always wishes you would. Hopefully that looks good too.

7. Prep your family on what to expect first

Give your family a little background about him like where he is from, what he does for a living, what he looks like, what you love about him and all the good things about your relationship. This will also make the conversations they have with him less of an interrogation and more of an interaction because they’ll already know a bit about him.

8. Send us a mail about how it went

zikoko- introducing boyfriend to parents

Yes girl! Let us know how it went down. It’s only fair seeing as we helped you work through it. Send a mail to to give us the tea.

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