12 Frustrating Things Nigerian Parents Do To Their Kids

January 8, 2020

1. They pay for your education, then they get mad when you have educated views.

This one is your fault sha.

2. They warn you to never date, then they start asking for spouse immediately you graduate.

Are they selling partners in the market?

3. They treat you like crap as a child, then they start forming BFFs when you’re an adult.

It’s too late, please.

4. They ask you a question, then they call you disrespectful for answering.

What do you want from me?

5. They never say sorry for being wrong, but they expect you to forgive them.

It’s not by giving me food.

6. They never speak to you about sex, then they refuse to shut up about grandkids.

How do you think the grandkids will appear?

7. They ask you to lead closing prayers, then they pray right after you.

So God didn’t hear my own?

8. They believe every WhatsApp BC they get, then they vex when you don’t believe them too.

Don’t force me to believe nonsense.

9. They can’t let you simply gist with them without turning it into a lecture.

This is why we don’t talk.

10. They do something to upset you, then they vex because you’re upset.

How are you the one that’s now upset?

11. They refuse to let you sleep because they are now awake.

Is it my fault that you woke up by 5 am?

12. They ask you to tell the truth, then they punish you when you do.

Na me fuck up.

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