First dates are really awful. Even the good ones have their uncomfortable moments. Not surprising, considering they usually involve people who you do not know very well, so that’s basically like inviting awkwardness and discomfort into your life.

Here are 11 first date experiences that I think everyone has in common:

Both of you cannot think of what to say and there’s that uncomfortable silence.

Don’t talk about the weather. We got you – first date topics are here.

Farting, burping… basically any loud noises from inside your body.

Just continue like it didn’t just happen. Hopefully they didn’t notice.

Your date is at the movies and you find yourself watching an explicit sex scene with a virtual stranger.


Don’t look. Don’t look. Oh shit!

Running Into Your Ex.

Seriously. Look straight through him…or her.

Or running into your ex and his/her new (boy)girlfriend.


Couldn’t get any worse. Really.

They Make A Joke That You don’t think is funny.

And they expect you to laugh. Ha. Ha.

Over sharing.

This was not the plan.

When they get a text or phone call and actually respond, leaving you sitting there like…

Oh no you didn’t.

They say something you really disagree with and you simply don’t know what to do.

I will not fight you. I will not fight you.

Honestly forgetting your wallet at home.

It just got worse.

One of you goes in for a hug and the other for a kiss.


When you want to blow them off and you don’t know what to do.


Everyone who has ever dated anyone has had their fair share of weird first date experiences. They suck in the moment, but hey, you get a good story out of it. Like the one above.

Ask your friends..I bet they agree!



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