Nigerian women apologise for various ridiculous reasons, and we’re tired of it. These nine things are particularly more ridiculous than most, so don’t apologise for them. Everyone will be fine. 

Taking up space 

No matter what capacity you’ve chosen to take up space in, do it with your full chest. 

Giving instructions 

You’re someone’s oga. Why are you apologising for telling people to do their job? Do your bosses apologise when they tell you to work? No? Exactly. 

Not having makeup on 

You were not born with highlight on your nose and blush on your cheeks. There’s no reason why you should be apologising for walking around with the face you were born with. If people have a problem with it, they should remove their eyes. 

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Resting because of cramps

Your period will come whenever and however it wants, without regard for your plans. It inconveniences your the most, so why apologise because you need to rest because of the pain? You weren’t created to withstand pain. Rest and don’t feel bad about it. 

Having unlaid edges 

If edges needed to be laid 24/7, we’d have been born that way. Why should you apologise for the hair that grows out of your head? 

Not wanting to start a family 

It’s alright to live a life alone. If that’s what makes you happy, why should you apologise for it? It’s not like the people hounding you to get married and have children will pay for any of it or deal with the stress for you. They should get out.

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Asking for better 

Be it in relationships or work, if you deserve better, don’t feel bad for asking for it. You know your worth, so you shouldn’t apologise for asking that other people see it too. 

Choosing yourself 

Your happiness is more important than whatever people expect of you. If they don’t like the life you’re living, they should leave you alone. You do not owe people a life that causes you discomfort and unhappiness. 

Not knowing how to cook 

Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you were born with a spatula. Everyone should rest. 

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