Eyelash extensions are lifesavers on the days you want to look cute with minimum effort. But if you’re like me who doesn’t know the first thing about make-up, you may need details to help you decide if it’s a beauty hack you’d get into. I asked women who’ve been on the trend for the pros and cons, and here’s what they shared:

Pro: With lash extensions, you don’t have to get into the hassle of using glue to get your lashes on every single time. With proper maintenance, they last for at least three weeks.

Con: The first time you get lashes, you instinctively want to take them off at the end of the day. But sorry, sis. You’ll have them glued on for two to four weeks.

Pro: You’ll always look like a baby girl, with or without makeup. Your lashes will be on fleek semi-permanently, so you don’t need to stress.

Con: You’re stuck with one look for a month. With regular lashes, you can choose to go bare or with a dramatic or simple set, depending on the occasion. But with lashes you install, you’ll have to stick with any set you choose through thick or thin.

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Pro: It’s easy to find the right people to provide the service at home or the saloon. 

Con: It can be expensive depending on where you’re located, but things typically range from ₦5k – ₦30k. And you’ll still need to either re-fill in 3 – 4 weeks or completely change them.

Pro: You’ll never want to stop when you start because you’ll get so many compliments.

Con: There’s a very thin line between looking pretty and looking like a crazy person. If your installation isn’t done properly, you may end up looking like you have feathers latched onto your eyelids. 

Pro: You get to go to bed with your lashes and they won’t feel heavy on your eyelids.

Con: They’ll fall off if you itch your eyes often, or pour water over your face when you bathe, because the glue gets weak. Here’s a video showing how you can wash your face without getting water all over your lashes.

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Pro: Your makeup will be a lot more seamless since the lashes have already been fixed.

Con: It makes it difficult to clean off your eyeliners when taking off your makeup. You’ll have to make micellar water your best friend. 

Pro: You won’t need to wonder where you left them after coming back home hungover from a party. Those lashes won’t move, so they’ll never get lost. 

Con: They’ll itch for the first 48 hours after installation. Use a spoolie brush if you really have to itch.

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