You and the girls have been planning that group trip for almost three years, and it still hasn’t gone beyond the group chat. Do the things I’ve mentioned below, and I promise, you girls will be on the next flight to your dream destination by the end of the week. 

Fast and pray 

Forces are clearly against you, and that’s why this trip hasn’t happened. To make it happen, you must invoke spiritual powers bigger than you. Everyone needs to come together and ask for the spirit of execution.  

Buy flight tickets

Start planning your girls’ trip by deciding on a destination, picking a travel date, and then paying for the flight. By the time everyone buys flight tickets, there’s no turning back. 

Go out and enter the traffic 

When traffic shows you people small pepper, you’ll remember that there’s an option to be chilling in the Maldives. 

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Tell your parents 

African parents are the only people in this world who can get you to do things you don’t want or don’t need to do. Just look at how they forced us to do house chores as kids. Let them use that energy to force you to go on the trip. If each girl gets their parents involved, all of you will be sipping coconut juice on a Jamaican beach by weekend. 

Open Instagram

You and your girls need a little bit of oppression from the Instagram babes travelling everywhere and living their best lives. Maybe just then, you people will sit up. Don’t you want to post your own reel of you and the girls partying on a yacht in Mauritius? 

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Go alone 

Forget about the girls’ trip and make it a solo trip instead. My mother will tell you that you should stop allowing people to hold your destiny. It’s not that deep, but you get what she means. Also, your friends may take it seriously when they see one person living their dreams. 

Become friends with travel influencers

Travel influencers are always ready to travel because that’s literally where their money comes from. They won’t spend too much time planning because they’re excited to start creating content as soon as possible. 

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