Ten Things No One Tells You About Travelling With Your Friends

January 23, 2019
Planning a trip with friends is fun. Just thinking about how lit the squad photos will be is even enough to get you going. But there are some things about travelling with friends no one ever talks about. As my good deed for the week, I will.

If it was ten people that were planning to go on the trip, only five will end up going.

You think Amaka is such a disappointment? Just wait until you plan a trip with your friends. The person that came up with the original idea might not even go.

You know how squad trips always look in the movies or on other peoples’ Instagram pages? Yeah your own isn’t going to look like that.

Don’t worry the people on group trips you are seeing on Instagram are only smiling through the struggle too.

It’s on that trip that you people’s friendship might end.

You’ll be friends with someone for twenty years, travel with them only to find out that they baff before they brush. That friendship deserves to end.

For your peace of mind don’t force yourself to do every activity your friends are doing.

You haven’t been to the gym in three years but you want to go on a 2-hour mountain hike? Better behave yourself.

The more is never the merrier.

Sure some things might be cheaper when you travel in a larger group. But are you sure you want the headache that comes with travelling with fifteen friends?

Better don’t let anyone intimidate you into spending your rent.

You know your friend’s middle name is Dangote and yours is not, but you want to follow them to eat at 5-star restaurants every day. Respect your pocket.

Speak your mind don’t tight anything to your chest.

If a friend has been vexing you on the trip, sort it out on the trip. Don’t wait until 3 months after to tell them.

Fight for some personal time for yourself.

You have no idea how sick and tired you can get of seeing your friends faces every single minute for a week straight.

Settle everything that has to do with money before you go.

Before you’ll get to your destination and one friend will suddenly realize it was only ticket money they had.

Never travel with your couple friends.

There’s nothing worse than being the single friend on a group baecation.  That’s when you’ll realize singleness can actually kill.

If you’ve ever travelled with friends, what other tips do you have for us?

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