In this article, we’ll be sharing every type of girl you’ll see planning a girls’ night out. Catch your sub, because you’re one of the nine babes on this list.

1. The leader of the pack

She’s the self-proclaimed Beyoncé of the group. She’s the type A friend that plans everything to the T. She’s picked out dresses for everyone, venues for the evening and scheduled the best time for everyone to link up. She’s also the designated mummy that watches over everyone while they get wasted.

From the girl who's always on a budget to the girl who's always overdressed and annoying everyone, these are all the girls you'll find  planning a girl's night out.

2. The friend with a boyfriend/husband

She believes she’s doing everyone a favour by showing up. She’s also rescheduled or cancelled plans at least five times in a row because she unapologetically chooses knacks over her girls. Tueh! 

3. The sneaky link friend

This babe? Hm. She’s a dirty liar and a fraud. She’s probably back with that guy again and by that guy, I mean the one she swore with her life to never see again.  She’s already got her text from her sneaky link and will ditch you all before the end of the night. Overall, she’s not a friend to trust.

4. The slay mama

She’s always late and overdressed. She’ll convince you about looking simple and come out with a full face of makeup. She’s a dirty liar with serial killer tendencies.

5. The obnoxious friend

She’s goofy and it’s cute, but sometimes she makes you want to kill her. She’s the friend that needs to be removed from the group and blocked because she’s constantly posting annoying memes and videos that don’t relate to the plans. 

6. The conservative friend

She’s the workaholic of the group that needs to be pushed to have a good time. She’s not interested in anything that requires spending her own money. She’ll probably be the last person you speak to on the plans because all she wants to do is talk about budgeting. Loosen up girl.

7. The feminist and big spender

She’s the sugar mummy of the group and will probably be sponsoring the whole plan. She also annoys everyone with talk about the patriarchal system and why we can’t let them win. We manage this behaviour because she’s a wealthy woman in the making.

8. The foodie and enjoyment minister

She’s a girl’s girl and lives for the cute pictures and drunk nights together. Her only condition is to be fed. As long as it’s enjoyment, she’s there. She doesn’t need to be convinced to tag along with the girls for an evening out because it’s another excuse to eat ₦9k pasta.

9. The laidback chick

She’s all for girl power, but she always wants to be alone. She’s uninterested in the plans and will flake on it with her full chest. All she wants to do is drink a glass of wine in bed and snuggle into her blanket this evening. If she does decide to pull up, she’s wearing sneakers.



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