The term “Yoruba demons” has become something of a buzzword in the Nigerian dating scene. Some women say they would make the devil himself jealous with the devious machinations of their minds, while others don’t quite understand what all the ruckus around them is about.

We asked 9 Nigerian women about their experience dating Yoruba men and this is what they said:

Vivain, 31: “I was dating myself”

Lol! I haven’t dated a Yoruba man, my dear. Who I dated was myself. For a whole year. This Yoruba man I thought I was dating had a fiancee in Nigeria, who he first told me was his sister, then his cousin, then his ex who he broke up with because she had gotten pregnant for his best friend. Meanwhile, the poor girl was there faithfully sending daily nudes and weekly personal porn videos. The man even got his older sister and mother to swear to me on their lives that he was single. So yes, I’ve dated a Yoruba man and by the special grace of God I lived to tell the story.

Esosa, 30: “It was awful.”

It was awful, he cheated and bragged about the number of women he slept with on Facebook. He mentioned their names and that was when I knew I was dating a real demon.

Niki, 25: “I loved the idea of being with him.”

That my experience wasn’t great isn’t an indictment on the entire tribe. However, I dated an only son from a rich family. A spoilt, cruel brat who got whatever he wanted and thought it would extend to me. Looking back at it now I don’t think I loved him. I loved the idea of being with him. How good we looked together. I had to shut him down anyway when he started getting worse. I cut him off and blocked him and his friends everywhere so they couldn’t get access to me for any reason.

Ifeoma, 27: “Everything they said about them is true.”

My most recent past relationship was with a Yoruba man. Well, everything they said about them is true. I sha didn’t experience any kind of infidelity. But the talkativeness, craftiness, dishonesty, ahhh very poor personal hygiene, lazyyyyy.

Sylvia, 24: “It was fun while it lasted.”

It was acutally a good experience, we had fun while it lasted.

Nkay, 25: “He was good to me.”

Most part of the dating was online. He was good to me and he was super smart. The arguments weren’t a lot and I was extremely happy. He was stingy back then sha.

Lilian, 25: “The Yoruba Demon thing is real.”

The experience is hell, some days heaven, the Yoruba demon thing is real. Especially if the guy is a fine boy, bonus, if he has a beard and is dark.

Dinma, 23: “It was a bittersweet experience.”

Dated no, flirted with yes. Always romantic, and knowing the right things to say to a lady. Pretend they understand you but they really don’t care. It was a bitter sweet experience but it ended in tears.

Nelly, 29: “The first one cheated on me.”

I have dated two Yoruba men. They are very romantic… gifts, a fun time,  words of affirmation, the whole works. The first one cheated on me and the second was too busy with work so we hardly saw.

Did you relate to any experience on the list? Or do you have more tea to spill? Send a mail to if you do and we’ll get right to it.

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