The things Nigerian men do can be unbearably annoying sometimes. Especially as regards relations with Nigerian women. From using archaic gender notions as the parameters to lewd borderline perv jokes, the list is long.

We have 11 of the most annoying things here;

1. Using stupid pick up lines 

zikoko- things nigerian men do

Should we sign you up for a toasting masterclass?

2. When they tell you to calm down or that you’re overreacting

zikoko- things nigerian men do

Say what now?

3. When they say they understand period pain. 

zikoko- things nigerian men do

Does that also mean they can carry a pregnancy to term since you have hidden female genitals?

4. Nigerian men who say you’re not like other girls 

That is actually not a compliment. Or is there a competition to win your approval that I am unaware of?

5. Men who expect you to go home with them because they bought you food.

We don’t do that here.

6. Nigerian men who expect you to cook simply because you are a woman

Last time we checked, eating is not gender specific so why should cooking be? He who wants to eat should cook.

7. Men who catcall on the streets

You have no manners?

 8. Men who hold onto archaic gender notions

zikoko- things nigerian men do

Do you need transport fare back to the 1800’s where you belong?

9. Men who expect women to respect them because they are men

Is that all? Are you sure you don’t want us to submit our destinies to you too?

10. Slide into the DM with a random “Dear/Hi Angel/Ow r u luv” etc.

zikoko- things nigerian men do

Why are you like this?

11. Call you 4 hours after you give them your number to proclaim that you are the newly found love of their life.

Zikoko- nigerian men

Interesting, tell me more.

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