Have you ended a relationship before? Do you wish you did it better or are you proud of the way you handled it? We asked 12 women how they ended theirs and here’s what they told us;

Jane, 24 – I Updated My Facebook Status.

I wrote a long-ass Facebook post about being single. He called immediately he saw it, but I didn’t pick. I blocked him afterwards. I know you think I am a demon, but he deserved worse. That relationship was a nightmare and that’s all I’ll say.

Jenny, 23 – I Made Him Do It.

I made him do it. I cheated and told him about it, so he would be the one to end it. In my defence, the relationship had been dead for a while, but I didn’t want to be the one to say, “It’s over”. 

Ada, 26 – Sent a Text.

I sent him a text message that I could not continue. He did not reply, so I guess I was speaking for both of us.

Kelly, 26 – I Sent a text and blocked his number.

He was a good guy, but he had ego issues. We would go out for dates and he would pick spots without my consideration, especially since I stay on the mainland and he is on the island.

He just didn’t think he did anything wrong with all the crazy behaviour he sometimes exhibited, so I just ghosted on him during one of his work trips. Sent a text and blocked his number.

Sharon, 30 – Told Him To His Face.

zikoko- broke up

I told him to his face we should break up.

Yvonne, 25 – I Called Him and Told Him.

zikoko- broke up

I called him and told him I couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t tell him to his face because he wasn’t in the same state as I was at the time. 

Nene, 26 – Told Him During a Phone Call.

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We were talking on the phone and I was like, “You know what? Just fuck it.” Then, I hung up. Seconds later, I sent a text saying it was better we just went back to being friends since the relationship thing wasn’t working anymore.

Ifeoma, 27- I Told Him I Was Done.

zikoko- broke up

I was done, I told him I was done and that was it. I blocked him everywhere he could possibly contact me (this helps me move on more quickly).

Chrissy, 23 – I Don’t Think It Should Be Through a Text.

I’ve always ended all my relationships myself. Felt like a stone-cold bitch saying that. LOL. It was always through a phone call — I’ve never done it through a text. I always believe they should be said not sent as a text message.

Oluchi, 22- I Started Avoiding His Calls.

zikoko- broke up

Confronted him with his flaws that I couldn’t deal with again and then started avoiding his calls and stopped texting back.

Steph, 23 – I Just Quietly Back Out.

Called them out on their BS and watched how they react, then slowly and quietly back out. Never really said, “it’s over”.

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