Ending a relationship is one thing, but moving on from it is like on the next page. Sometimes you get so caught up in the hurt that moving on starts seeming impossible. We’re here to help you get past this tough phase. Here are 10 fun ways to get over your Nigerian ex boyfriend.

1. Kindly ask him to return your mumu button.

Chances are that he would not, maybe because he has misplaced it or he sold it to buy sharwama. In the event of that keep reading, we’ll get you through this one way or another.

2. Don’t ignore the hurt.

And don’t tell yourself you should not be feeling hurt. Your feelings are valid. Feel the pain, but don’t let it make you bitter.

3. Reach out to your girlfriends.

Now is the time to call in your girl squad and have some fun with them. You need your support system around you and chilling with your favorite girls will do the trick.

4. Keep your self busy.

Find something fun to keep yourself busy with. It could be a new hobby like going to the gym, learning a skill you have always been interested in or just pouring yourself into work.

5. Mute or Block him.

zikoko- getting over your Nigerian ex

If you can’t handle seeing him all over your timeline then by all means mute or block him. This is not you being petty, this is you putting your mental health first and acting in your best interest.

6. Return his stuff.

zikoko- getting over your nigerian ex

Yes boo. You need to give back all the mushy sentimental things you are holding on to. They will only remind you of him and make it harder for you to move on.

7. Binge watch old Nollywood movies with their ridiculous plot lines.

If not for anything, at least to get a good laugh.

8. Write about your feelings.

zikoko- getting over your nigerian ex

Writing about your feelings can be very therapeutic. It’s like giving yourself an outlet to vent and rant about how you are feeling and possibly make sense of it. You can get a journal if you want it to be private.

9. Have some Me time.

Now is the time to date yourself/hang out with yourself. The beautiful thing about being alone is that you get to spend time with yourself. You get to reflect about your life and the choices you make.

10. Give yourself time to heal.

zikoko- getting over your nigerian ex

It may take a little longer than the books say, but you will heal eventually. And this will be a phase you will look back on and probably even make jokes about. But for now, don’t put yourself on any timer.

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