If you’re a Nigerian and you’re not grateful for these, then you’re an ingrate. Please seek help

Our Weather

Our weather keeps us on our toes because it’s harmattan today and rainy tomorrow. If you always want to be alert, please come to Nigeria.


We’re not running from him but we love how he’s chasing us with good music on his okada. He deserves a thank you message from Nigerians.

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Small chops 

The baddest bitch in the industry. The national treasure keeping the entire wedding industry afloat. Can you imagine a Nigeria without small chops?  

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December in Lagos

The time of the year when you meet all your “I Just Got Back” (“IJGB”) friends and go to clubs, concerts and just have a nice time.  But please don’t get carried away because of their newly acquired accents.


The food they cook is top-tier, even if it’s bad. And their prayers work like magic.


I want to know how and why Nigerian grandmothers always have money. Be grateful for the wealth of these senior babes because it’s probably the reason your family bounced back from all of Nigeria’s recessions.


When Bubu decided to ban Twitter, it was a difficult period for all of us. But now it’s back, you can be thankful for the privilege of being dragged for no reason, or you can be thankful for all the unhinged and funny stuff you see daily.

Dino Melaye

This man is a case, but at this point, we cannot think of a world without him and his clownery. Only Dino can jump out of a police vehicle and hawk groundnuts — and he’s not even contesting in elections yet.

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Big Brother Naija

Nigerians love BBNaija season because it reminds them of the chaos and suffering of their day-to-day lives. Eating indomie? Fighting for daily bread? 

But at least someone gets to go home with ₦100m


After Jesus, garri saves. No matter how broke you are, garri is always there for you. 


Going everywhere in Uber is a lifestyle only tech people can afford. The rest of us? (except people in Lagos sha) will take Uber the day we’re feeling bougie and okada the rest of the week. The way the okada guy is riding might kill you, but living in

Nigeria is already extreme sports. What’s a little danger to you, child of the soil? 


We need to be thankful generators exist because the day God said, “Let there be light,” NEPA officials responded with, “Aired dfkm.”


Amala with ewedu and gbegiri, the holy trinity, if I say so myself. Amala is something to live for.

WhatsApp and Facebook

This one is for Nigerian parents. Nigerian mothers should be thankful to the founders of Whatsapp and Facebook because how else would they know that ginger and garlic cures coronavirus?

Korean movies

The love Nigerians have for K-drama is beyond anybody and everybody. Even if you don’t watch K-dramas, you’ve probably heard of BOYS OVER FLOWERS, CITY HUNTER, THE HEIRS and if you don’t know them, then you probably live under a rock.

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Nigerian youths

Shoutout to the most vibrant and hardworking people in the world.

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Plantain is one of the baddest bitches of Nigerian food. She’s a versatile queen, and she deserves more credit than she gets. Plantain can be boiled, fried, roasted and some people even eat it raw. Rice could never.

Fuji Music

You cannot say you’re Yoruba and not be thankful for Fuji music. The day Fuji was born was the day Yoruba people were born. If you want to impress your Yoruba in-laws, just play Fuji music for them; they’ll love you! 

Nigerian wedding after-parties

If you’ve never been to a Nigerian wedding after-party, please add it to your bucket list. I don’t know if it’s the endless flow of alcohol or the DJs or the hype men, but there’s something about them. Maybe it’s the fact that the aunties who usually annoy you are too busy having fun to be on your case.

Nigerian aunties

Apart from the fact that they don’t mind their business or that they’ll complain to your parents about your ashawo gowns, they’re actually not so bad. They give you money, sometimes-sound advice, and will come through when you really need them — even though half the time, they’re reasons why you needed a come-through anyway.



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