After listening to Asake’s new album, Mr Money With the Vibe an ungodly amount of times, I wondered how a Nigerian mum might react if she heard it. So here’s how she might react to each song. 


Asake says, “Wetin mama go chop?” on the song, so trust your mum to remind you that you don’t care about her wellbeing because you never ask her if she has eaten. 


Her least favourite song on the album. What do you mean by you’re a terminator? Ah. What do you need lighter for? They’re chopping banana too? Better skip this song for your own sanity. 


When the song starts playing, she’ll look at you and remind you that your room is not organised. If she doesn’t throw shade, is she really a Nigerian mum? 

Peace Be Unto You 

Quick prayer session here because she’s going to pray that peace never departs from you. That your enemies will never carry you to where you don’t know and that before they use you, God will make you use your sense. 


This is her favourite song on the album. Do you know how many times they mention hallelujah? Plus the inspirational quotes? A bop. 


She reminds you that you’re too poor to fly anyone anywhere. You take your L and play her the next song. 

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Best song of the album, but your mother will not agree. She’ll tell you it’s promoting iniquity because it’s going to make women shake yansh too much.


For her, this is the worship song version of Dupe. She’s in the spirit and you should probably leave her there for a while. 


She likes this song because it’s not too loud or gbish gbish, but what does Ototo mean? 


The problem she’d have with this song is the second voice. Nigerian mums don’t do too well with songs that have features. They stress her out. 


The thing with amapiano is that Nigerian mums still don’t understand it. Why are they shouting? Who is blowing whistle? She’ll be confused and distraught. 

Sungba (Remix) 

She’s probably already heard it before, so she’d tell you to remove it and play Tobe Alabi. 

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