There is something to be said for how Nigerians use WhatsApp. It’s almost as if WhatsApp came to Nigeria and became something else. Remember that it was in this same Nigeria that they created GB WhatsApp? We will talk about that some other day, but today, this is a list of all the ways Nigerians abuse WhatsApp.

1. [Meaningless] Broadcast messages

He say na intercede for US now. Oga abeg.

2. Status updates that look like the stitches of a sewing machine

Best believe that I will not be viewing that. Is you that upload it that will look at your thing by yourself.

3. Videos that are of no importance whatsoever.

This is the hill Nigerian parents are willing to die on. And to be honest, they will be alright in the end, because it is not me that will download any video they forward to me.

4. Group chats that we can all do without

Top 10 Annoying Things on WhatsApp | Popgi

Honestly, the creators of WhatsApp should have an authentication process for all group chats. That way, they’ll know if your group chat will be another additional burden and simply delete it before it exists.

5. Unnecessary stickers

The fact that people use stickers inappropriately is proof that many people don’t deserve gifts. Since WhatsApp debuted stickers, I have seen stickers that made me question the intelligence of many people. For real.

6. Video calls without prior notice

I honestly can’t stress it enough that this is a very annoying thing to do. Why call people on video without letting them know beforehand? Even if I am not doing anything before you called, please inform me beforehand. Abeg.

7. Happy new month messages

Yes, this is done with the best intentions, I know. But imagine what happens when all your 500 WhatsApp contacts decide to send you happy new month messages with the best intention. And it’s not like you don’t have a calendar to check date. E really be things.


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