We’ve told you everything you need to know about the aspirants hoping to enter one trouser to fight for your vote in 2023.Well, ding ding ding. This time, we made a picture compilation to remind you of the hilarious moments Nigerian politicians were on the streets to impress us. 

1. 2018 Ekiti State gubernatorial campaign 

Tell me your Governor is working without telling me your Governor is working.

They had to show us that the ‘other room’ is not the only place they get down and dirty in. Just look at them digging into that kpomo stew for the masses. Ekiti we hail.

2. 2019 presidential election

Daddy oyoyoyo…

This is how politicians tell you they are for the people and by the people. It’s the pure water for us.

3. 2018 gubernatorial campaign

We might have missed the job description here.

Governor by day and hairdresser by night? If your candidate can’t plait kpatewo and fight ‘kwarapption’ at the same time, throw them in the bin.

4. 2014 Osun State gubernatorial election 

Governor toh bad

This is a mood. Omisore quietly said “na who cut maize for me I go amaze.” If you don’t gerrit, forget abourrit

5. A mix of corn eaters between 2014 and 2019

There’s clearly a problem here

Is roasted corn the jazz politicians share amongst themselves? Because what’s been going on?

6. 2019 gubernatorial election 

Is it your daddy’s money? Maybe.

Talk about when you’re big, you’re big, Kashamu was sharing palliatives even before COVID hit.  Our sugar daddy, Kashamu, called this the “Dividends of democracy.” 

7. 2019 presidential election

Who are we to question true love? 

Aunty Aisha was clearly stressed. This was aunty Aisha after uncle Bubu asked what she brought to the table. She kuku went to help him fry akara outside. A queen and more.



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