1. When your parents start asking you about ‘the Facebook’.

No no, please no!

2. When they finally ask you to help them open their Facebook accounts.

I knew this day would come.

3. And you have to teach them how to ‘operate it’.

Kill. Me. Now.

4. When you see their friend request.

So quick!

5. And you try to ignore it but they make you accept in their presence.

Wait first, the process is lon…fine!

6. They waste no time in posting your embarrasing baby photos.

My wrists. Knife.

7. When they start sharing your Facebook ID to the rest of your relatives.


8. Now your requests are all from family members.

Delete. Delete. Delete.

9. When they keep tagging you in inspirational photos and videos.

Yes, thank you.

10. When they start liking ALL of your pictures.

Wow. All of them?!

11. When they use a slang wrong because trying to be cool.

“Sorry about your accident. LOL” Who sent you?!

12. When you offend them and they take the matter to Facebook.

The court of the people.

13. When you start contemplating whether you should just unfriend them.

It’s just a button.

14. But then they brag about you on their Facebook.


15. When you upload a status message and they comment ‘explain’.


16. When you mistakenly change your Facebook relationship status and they start blowing up your phone.

LMAO!You forgot you’re not supposed to be in a relationship till you’re 30.

17. Or you change your facebook display picture to an ‘inappropriate one’ and they start complaining.

The lecture begins.

18. When you finally decide to leave Facebook for them.

Hello Twitter. But you know they’re not far behind. *tears*


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