One thing I’ve noticed is that many Nigerian bachelors who live alone have only three meal options;  noodles, rice and stew, and bread. Outside of that, they’re buying food.  I want better for them. That’s why I’ve come up with this list of recipes.  Please at least try one of them this week. 

Egg fried rice 

Image credit: Immaculate bites

On Sunday, before you begin blending those tomatoes and onions to make stew for your white rice, just stop. Forget the blender and bring out your cutting board to make egg-fried rice instead. Don’t worry, it won’t take time to make, you can still finish in time for Premier League 

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Potato pepper soup 

Image credit: All Nigerian Recipes

Don’t beat me o, but potato pepper soup tastes so much better than yam pepper soup. There’s just something about the way the flavours in the pepper soup seep into the potatoes. It’s amazing. You can decide to use fish, beef or chicken; it all depends on your account balance. 

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Nigerian pancakes 

Image credit: Nigerian Food TV

I had these at my friend’s house last month and no matter how much I ate, I couldn’t get enough. Once you eat these, you won’t be able to eat any other type of pancakes again. The only thing that stops you from eating these pancakes every day, is the amount of work that goes onto making them. 

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Yam and smoked fish sauce

Image credit: The pretend chef

Not every time boiled yam and stew. Are you not tired? Or is it just laziness? Whatever it is, please just try something else. Start with this heavenly smoked fish sauce, I promise you’ll thank me later. It slaps harder than a Nigerian mother. 

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Chicken light soup 

Image credit: Eat well Abi

Nigeria is currently showing us shege. Every single thing is expensive, and flight tickets are the worst. Someone can’t even just travel as they please again. But at least you can travel through food. Starting with food from our best friends, Ghana. Chicken light soup tastes so good, that I’m willing to almost admit that Ghanaian food is better, in public. 

Find the recipe at Ify’s Kitchen

Corned beef and egg sandwich 

Image credit: Ify’s Kitchen on Instagram

This sandwich bangs! You don’t have to add cheese, and you can make it in a regular frying pan. When you’re making this meal, sha lock all your doors and windows tight. Corned beef is expensive, and if you can afford it, it means you’re rich and are at risk of robbery.  

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Image credit: 54 History

This recipe involves some pounding. But this shouldn’t be a problem now since men are the physically stronger gender, abi? Onunu is a special type of swallow from Rivers state mixed with plantain and yam mashed together. You can eat it with any soup or stew of your choice. 

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Chicken curry sauce 

Image credit: Sisi Jemimah

Every Saturday, I beg my mother to make this on Sunday instead of her normal stew or jollof rice and she ignores me. Because whenever she actually decides to make it, that’s all I eat.  That’s how good this sauce tastes.  Once you make this chicken curry sauce, you’ll never look back. 

Get the recipe at Sisi Jemimah 

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