1. When you’re about to spend two year’s salary on rent and you start wondering who was chasing you from your parent’s house

2. But then you remember how you can go out at 2 in the morning to play Ludo and your mother won’t dash you slap when you come home

3. When your house turns to viewing centre anytime Premier League is on

4. And all those times your yeye friends think they can turn your house to hook up centre anytime they get new babes

5. Those rough times when you’e eaten Indomie for the 32nd time in one week and life is just tiring you

6. But you finally secure one damsel that just wants to use starch and banga to spoil you and you’re ready to just throw ring at her

7. But you see the price of baby stroller by mistake and you have to add another five years to the time you’ll be ready to marry


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