Are you always hungry? Do you always skip meals? Do you complain frequently, of lack of food because you are a bachelor? Say no more. We’ve made a list of keys things to do to change your story. Take a look.

1. Noodles

You may think this is mainstream, but it isn’t. Variety is the spice of life. There are over four different flavors and you can make them with different garnishes. Stockpile your pantry with these babies and be happy!

2. Buy Yams and Eggs

Probably the easiest and fastest dish available. Cut, peel and boil yams, break eggs, add salt and spices and fry. Tada! Food is served. Easy? Yes we know. You’re welcome.

3. Sandwiches

You have to learn how to eat a lot of these. Always have sandwich ingredients bread, butter, eggs, sardines, lettuce, tomatoes and the like who says you can’t be your own sandwich place.

4. Patronize catering outfits

There are a couple outfits that provide home cooked meals in bulk. Buy these and put them in your refrigerator, bring them out when needed, thaw and eat.

5. Microwave

This machine right here has a lot of miraculous powers. It can restore cold pizza to its fresh state and reheat your takeout from last night. Also, guess what? You can cook certain meals in there.

6. Restaurants

This is one bulletproof method. Simple make a timetable of where you will have your breakfast, lunch and dinner with the different foods you will order. Follow schedule week, in week out till you are tired. Easy? Yeah we know.

7. Plan lunch meetings

If you are lucky to work in an establishment where you have a lot of meetings. Suggest lunch and dinner meetings. Lunch/dinner for that day sorted.

8. Make many female friends that love to cook

See, this is a very important hack. Make many friends, give them gifts of course those are investments (you didn’t hear it here), know their schedule, and pop in around their dinner time for free food. You’re welcome.

9. Get a girlfriend

Sometimes, you may be faced with extreme resistance to your showing up at only dinner times. Don’t worry ask the one you like best out and make her your girlfriend. Guess who now has no excuse not to help your lack of food situation?

10. Beg your friends and family to marry

How does this relate? Your friends or family getting married = free food at the introduction, engagement, reception. You can make friends with the person in charge of the food and take the leftovers home. Free food for one week. Thank us later.

11. Go and marry

See, if all these don’t work for you, we guess it’s time to get married and stop suffering. Get you a woman you love and that knows how to cook and make your life better and rejoice because your hungry days are over.

12. Learn how to cook

This is the back up plan of all back up plans. In case steps 1 to 11 did not work for you. Please there are Youtube tutorials to learn how to cook basic dishes. No data? There are blogs? Still no data? Start trying from hack number one all over.


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