Every Sunday, Nigerians gather in their houses to eat different variations of rice. We have decided to put a stop to that. That’s why we’re suggesting other meals you can try instead. 


Sunday is for sleeping, and nothing puts people to sleep faster than custard. Make a big bowl for the family and rest afterwards. 

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If you want to be in the best shape possible before the work week resumes, then peppersoup is where it’s at. After you sneeze away all the rubbish in your system, you’d be ready to give your 20% to capitalism. 

Food from the dream world 

Instead of stressing yourself by cooking, why not just eat the one someone else has made? Evil spirits don’t give people rice in their dreams, so prepare for some spiritual delicacy. 


There’s no food more versatile than bread. That’s why you should eat it. Find a version of bread you like and just enjoy yourself.

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Tears of your enemies 

Nothing more delicious and nutritious than drinking the tears of your enemies. Add it to your Sunday meal plan, today! 

Any variation of swallow 

Sunday should be a day of recollection. Of looking back at what was and what will be. That is why we should eat swallow on Sundays. Not only do we get a chance to connect with our ancestors, but it helps us keep the culture alive. 

Puff puff

Can be eaten as a dessert or can be eaten with other things to form small chops. Either way, puff puff is great for family building, especially if you decide to make it yourself. 

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