No matter the type of personality they have, and no matter where they live, every Nigerian bachelor has eight out of these nine things in their apartments.


Nigerian men will use the last money they have in their accounts to buy massive TVs, and they’ll feel fulfilled in life. As long as they have their big ass TV, they are fine. They can sleep, sit and eat on the floor. 

2.Game console

And the game console must have FIFA 20 something or a fighting or killing game that has way too much blood; if not, the set up is not complete.

3.Mattress on the floor 

What is it with Nigerian men and not getting bed frames? Did they curse you people?

4. Crusher

The crusher may not necessarily be theirs, because not all Nigerian bachelors smoke (even though they all behave like they are high all the time), but you must find a crusher in their house. Sometimes they like to use the crushers as decorative pieces. 

5. Ashewo Shorts

This is one of the things that make up the Nigerian bachelor starter pack, so of course you’ll find it in their homes and in many colours.

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6. Alcohol in the fridge

You must always see an unhealthy quantity of alcohol and energy drinks. If you find anything more than that, you’re not in a Nigerian bachelor’s house. 

7.Disposable packs

Because Nigerian men would rather die than cook. If it’s not take-away packs from Instagram food vendors, it’s foodflasks that formerly contained food cooked by their fuck-buddies or mothers. 

8.Too many perfumes

After TVs, the next thing Nigerian men finish their money on is perfumes. Enter their rooms and you’ll find at least 20 bottles of perfume in their closets. They’ll now come online and say they don’t have money.


They have a bed-side drawer filled with different brands and flavours. They are always ready for mekwe. 

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