I like my drinks, but as a broke girl, I don’t have money to spend on cocktails at Lagos restaurants. So I like to make them myself at home. I’ve been looking for new recipes to try, but the internet is only suggesting giving me expensive stuff to try. So instead, I made the mistake of asking my colleagues. One thing I can tell you is that I definitely wasn’t expecting the answers they gave me. 

I decided to share their answers with you, just in case you’re looking for ways to mix your alcohol this Friday.

Kai has the potential to become a bartender

I love Kai because he likes to try weird shit. 

Kai recommends mixing blended watermelon, coffee rum and Smirnoff beer. I’m definitely trying this one. The blending of watermelon and sieving requires a bit of work but I’m pretty sure it’ll be worth it. 

He also says you should try sweet red wine and Schweppes virgin mojito. 

Ama is addicted to gin

I worry for Ama, our dear editor. He recommends trying gin and chamomile tea. I mean, howwww? And when I asked him how to make it, he said, “Just pour gin inside.” 

Apparently, you just infuse your chamomile tea as you normally would, then add as much gin as you want.

He also mentions cold milk and gin. But for the sake of my lactose intolerance, I will not be trying this one. But if you do, let me know how it goes. 

He also recommends trying rum and pepper soup, for adventurous people. If you don’t like cooking, just buy pepper soup and pour rum inside.

Ifoghale is a big fan of beer

Ifoghale says he doesn’t really drink, but he 100% recommends mixing Fayrouz and Heineken.

Dwin drinks like an old man

I expected more from Dwin to be honest. I don’t know why, I just did. But as the 40+ man that he is, the most he’s done is rum and cranberry juice.

Itohan likes hard liquor

Itohan likes to drink most of her alcohol straight, so she didn’t have any interesting mix. But she loves mixing gin with pineapple and coconut juice. Sounds interesting, and I should probably try this too.

Tega is basic with her mixing

The wildest thing Tega has ever mixed is apple juice and pineapple vodka. But she promises you’ll fall in love with the mix.

Dammy mixes Bailey’s and hot chocolate

I need you to please try Baileys and Hot chocolate. This is basically like adding milk to any hot chocolate beverage. If you’re a coffee drinker, you can also do this.  

Add powdered hot chocolate to half a mug of boiled water and stir. Next, instead of adding milk, add Baileys as the other half of your beverage. Gbam! You have the perfect drink. Enjoy a glass on a rainy day and thank me later. 

Ribena, gin and tequila

 Get concentrated Ribena — the type you have to dilute with water. But instead of water, you’re using tequila and gin to dilute it. All you have to do is mix Ribena, tequila and gin in a cup and pour it into a glass with ice. Adjust for alcohol strength. 


Ibukun told me to leave her alone, that she’s not an alcoholic like the rest of us in the office. 

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