People say two heads are better than one, but when it comes to preparing these eight meals, you’re better off on your own. If you try to cook any of them when someone is around, you’re going to fall your hands.

1. Pap

Making pap is already a game of Russian roulette. So having someone watch you prepare it only increases your anxiety and your chances of failing. 

2. Fried eggs

I can’t explain what happens once you fry eggs for other people. When you fry eggs for yourself, it’s amazing. But when you fry eggs for someone else? Epic fail. It’s either the salt is too much or it’s completely tasteless. Why?

3. Jollof rice

Sometimes jollof rice is only out to offer premium disgrace. When you cook it for youself, it’s red as blood and tasty as fuck, so much that you want to eat the plate. But the moment someone is in the kitchen with you, it’ll decide to mess up and look like white rice with red lipstic ear and dear. 

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4. Pancakes

This is the one food with audacity. Even when you’re alone, pancakes can disgrace you. So just imagine when someone is now watching you. Imagine when you now flip it and it lands on the floor. 

5. Poundo yam/amala/fufu

Some things should be left to the professionals. And by professionals, I mean Iya Sukirat down the road. If anyone decides to show up at your house to ask to eat poundo yam or amala, just take them there. If you decide to make it yourself, anything you see, take it like that

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6. Ogbono or okra 

These two soups will disgrace you and your ancestors. Everything depends on that soup drawing. The moment it doesn’t, it’s game over. Never cook this soup when people are around you. E go fall your hands!

7. Noodles

There’s something about making noodles for anyone other than yourself. It either turns out extremely dry or soggy as hell. The worst part is trying to explain how your noodles typically bang on a normal day. 

8. Spaghettini

The slimmer the spaghetti, the greater the potential of disgrace becomes. Just like noodles, spaghettini only takes one minute to overcook the whole and end up with sticky clumps. Just play it safe and cook the regular spaghetti when people are around please.

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