Thyme, curry and crayfish are the staples of a typical Nigerian kitchen. If you have any more spices, are you sure you’re not doing too much?

1. White pepper

If it’s not red, is it really pepper? White pepper is the spice keeping creamy pasta and seafood dishes around. Think of it as a version of dried red peppers with a more pungent flavour and smell. The only upside is the fact that it’s hotter than black pepper. But why do you have white pepper in your house when you’re not opening a restaurant? 

2. Black pepper

Black pepper isn’t even spicy, so why this? What can it do that fresh red pepper and suya pepper can’t achieve? If you have black pepper in your kitchen, you know it’s just occupying space on the shelf. How many times have you even used it? Don’t lie.

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3. Cinnamon

First of all, cinnamon overpowers everything it touches. I know cinnamon toast lovers will come for me, but all you need is fluffy agege bread with akara. Cinnamon is an overkill, please

4. Nutmeg

I’ll excuse the people using this for pastries. But it’s the people that add nutmeg to jollof rice for me. Why? Nutmeg is sweet and completely throws off the taste of smoky jollof. Keep it strictly for pastries, please.

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5. Turmeric

Apart from staining every single thing it touches, what is the purpose of turmeric in your kitchen? 

6. Cumin

If you have curry powder, then you’re not missing out on cumin. I agree it adds a nice smell to food, but are we eating aroma? No. So, please dear.

7. Oregano

Oregano is like the minty version of thyme, so having it in your house is simply oversabi.  You don’t need it.

8. Rock salt

Why do you need rock salts when it tastes like regular salt? It’s basically an overpriced version of salt, and in this economy, what are you trying to prove? 

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