There are so many types of jollof rice, which has caused wars over the years, which is fine because it is a premium dish. Each country thinks its own Jollof is special, but nothing makes jollof rice special like the memories attached to it. There are so many types of jollof rice from all over the world, the best have been listed in this article.

1. Burial jollof

The best thing about this type of jollof rice is that you don’t even have to hate the person that died for the food to slap. Although, hating the person is a bonus. There’s just something about jollof rice at burials that gives it an extra oomph. 

2. Baby dedication jollof

This rice slaps because it is cooked with so much happiness. Happiness is a major ingredient in jollof rice, which is why it tastes so bad when you buy it from Buka. Those people have no joy. Anyway, eating while a baby cries about it’s painfully new existence>>>> 

3. Everything in the pantry jollof

You know when you are broke, but not that broke? You and your roommate pool some money together and magically half of the ingredients in your pantry/locker can make jollof rice? If you’ve never experienced this, good for you. The point is you weren’t expecting a good meal and you got a great meal, of course, It’ll slap. Or maybe it’s the hunger that amplifies the taste of the food. 

4. Convocation jollof rice

When Nigerians want to party, they don’t do anything small. Your child graduating from a school that almost killed them is a thing of joy indeed so cook that rice with joy. To be honest, this type of jollof rice is wasted on the family, the people who enjoy it are the students going around tents looking for people to give them food. 

5. Visiting day jollof

The joy from eating a home-cooked meal after months of the poison they serve in boarding school is intense. This type of jollof rice is hard to share, you’ll be eating it and crying into the plate because you don’t know when next you’ll taste something like that. 

6. Owambe jollof 

Nigerians know how to throw a good party, good music, a great setting and amazing food. Owambe jollof always has the smokey, cooked with firewood taste. It’s a 10/10 experience. The best thing about this jollof rice is how good it slaps when you were not invited to the party in the first place. 

7. Primary School birthday jollof

Whether it’s your birthday or the birthday party of a friend, one thing you could be sure of besides the fun party packs, was good jollof. This jollof was notorious for making people lose their home training, it was somehow always paired with a hot bottle of soda and it still slapped.  

8. Christmas jollof

Honestly, growing up is a scam. You get older and all of a sudden the urge to celebrate Christmas starts dying. Christmas for Nigerian kids wasn’t always about the new clothes, shoes and sunglasses. It was also about jollof rice. Christmas jollof always has the biggest Chicken, an elite babe.

9.  Welcome back to Nigeria jollof

Of course, you can make Nigerian foods outside Nigeria and it will taste good but it tastes even better when it’s made here. The spices, the love poured into it, it’s a different feeling altogether. Jollof rice made when you’ve been away for a while has a way of saying “welcome back home, we missed you”.



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