For today’s Ranked, I decided to go for a common Nigerian staple: Ogi. This dish (our local custard, if you may), has been repping from the beginning of time. Right from being the main dish on Saturday mornings, to being combined with beans, Ogi has come a long way. And now, we rank the variants to pick the best of all.

3. Brown (Ogi baba)

This is highly nutritious, especially for babies. But for me, it doesn’t exactly fall within my range of preference. I wonder if there are actual adults who enjoy this variant.

2. White

I don’t know if it’s just me, but there’s something about white ogi that reminds me of a strict and wicked teacher. No attempt to disguise, just plain “what you see is what you get.” I like it all the same sha, at least for the fact that you can add other orisirisi to make it taste even better.

1. Yellow

This variant made me love pap. If there was no yellow pap, I wonder what would have become of my relationship with pap. I like how the look changes when you add milk, either powder or evaporated one. Yellow ogi is really top-tier.

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