Nigerian universities are like countries with faculties as their states. Every faculty is an entire experience on its own. It’s like every faculty comes with a unique culture inspired by the day to day activities of the students as they chase their B.sC. Here’s a list of 6 things every Nigerian engineering student will relate with:

1. Having only 5 to 10 girls in one entire level with more than 100 boys.

zikoko- Nigerian Engineering Students

The boy girls ratio in engineering departments is always shocking. Gather them into a hall and randomly throw a stone and it will still not fall on a girl’s head. And this of course leaves little room for inhouse romance.

2. Going to social sciences or faculty of arts for events.

zikoko- Nigerian Engineering Students

Because like Patoranking and Falz collaborated to say: “The party no go sweet if girls no dey”. And those faculties have way more girls.

3. Mechanical drawing.

zikoko- Nigerian Engineering Students

There’s that one course that gives your sleepless nights and tasteless days. The course has you doing and submitting assignments back to back and summersaults you into a panic attack when the exam date is announced. You can never be ready enough.

4. A sprinkle of Maths in every course.

zikoko- Nigerian Engineering Students

Engineering may be the name of the department but do not be fooled, Mathematics is the bestie she can’t live without. There’s always a formula to learn or use with every course and the calculations never end.

5. Bad boy reps.

People always assume that “engine boys” are bad boys. A reputation which they most often enjoy because bad boys have all the fun in school.

6. The stress and pressure of final year project.

The pressure hits mentally, academically, and financially. As if that’s not enough pain in itself there’s always that efiko group that builds a helicopter or a car and gets featured in the papers. People now be wondering what the other people in the department did with their 5 years.

7. Your friends graduating before you.

Because engineering is a 5-year contract but your friends only signed up for a 4-year social science course. You’ll be struggling with your final year project while your friends are balling at NYSC camp.

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