Navigating life and relationships can get quite hard and we sometimes need someone to talk to. Meet Aunty Z! She gets it, she’s all ears and she just wants to help. For issues in all your relationships; friendships, situationships, and the other ships, you’ve come to the right place. Aunty Z! will see you now.

In this episode, Aunty Z! gives advice to to a 23-year-old male virgin, and 19-year-old who is in a dilemma with a man twice her age. 

Dear Aunty Z! 

I’m 23 and I just want to get laid. I don’t want to have any relationships, just steamy hot fok every other day with someone’s daughter.

All my guys think I’ve gotten laid, and I just want to get it over with and stop lying and spinning tales about one night stands that happened only in my head. How am I still a virgin at 23? How?

-Ziggy, 23, male

Dear Ziggy, 

Being a virgin is not a terrible thing. Society has made it seem like men must have sex every day and that’s bullshit. It’s sex, not hot Amala – which I recommend for consumption every day. 

However, I can understand how you feel. There’s the need to just get it over with, but that kind of pressure can lead to you not even enjoying yourself. 

For hot fok to happen, Here are two options. First one is to actually find someone that’s interested in a friends with benefits relationship. There are many young women who just want to be tossed and turned like semo inside pot – no strings attached. The second option is to hire a sex worker if you gave the extra cash. They provide a service, you get your hot fok, and they get paid. It’s good for the economy. 

Best of luck, Aunty Z! 

Dear Aunty Z!,

Thank you to you and everyone who advised me. The man is actually is in 40s and he loves showing money off as he is super rich, I’m about to block him but the problem is he has sent me money and it would be like I’m running away so I think I’ll explain everything to him and ask him to send his account details then block him. My friend is the one who pushed me into this because she is enjoying the money and gifts, I’m so disappointed that I even entertained it in the first place, maybe it’s because I’m lonely.

Kella, 19 

Dear Kella, 

You’re absolutely welcome. It’s what I’m here for anyway. If giving him back the money will make you feel better, I’m all for it. Also, please don’t beat yourself up because you entertained his advances. Everyone likes to feel special once in a while especially if you’re constantly lonely. I know I do. 

Now, this your friend that is introducing you to men twice your age because she wants to enjoy money and gifts, is her name Slickback? What kind of pimp behaviour is that? Abeg, it’s the new year. You can join scissors twitter and cut her off, or at least put a little distance. New friends will not only be good for you, but they’d help combat the loneliness you feel. Try making new friends online, in school, around your neighbourhood. Making friends is not as hard as people think. It’s consistency, proper communication, and a “Hi, my name is Kella and I think we’d be good friends”. 

Love, Aunty Z!

Aunty Z! will be published every Sunday at 2 pm but you can write to her here and she may just give you the advice that changes your entire life!  




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