If you’ve ever gotten your heart broken, then the person has probably used one of these words to break it. It’s just the way life is. 

It’s not you; it’s me

Not only is this incredibly heartbreaking, but it’s so clichéd, I wonder why people still use it in this big 2022. At least if you want to hurt someone and chicken out of it, use more original lines nau. 

“It’s not me; it’s you”

This is a bit more original than being told it’s all their fault, but that means you’d spend weeks thinking of what exactly you did wrong. 

“We should just be friends” 

This is the kind of demotion people pray against in church. Sure being friends is great, but how do you go from being in love with someone to just loving them? 

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“I never loved you”

That means every single time the person told you they loved you, they were lying? How are you expected to trust people again after this? 

“We were never friends”

Imagine someone you called your best friend tells you this. If where you are is quiet enough, it’s possible to hear the sound of your heart breaking. 

“I wish we never met”

Maybe they couldn’t find a knife, that’s why they decided to destroy your heart with words. 

“We should break up”

This statement hits harder if you thought everything was going well. 

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“Please, don’t contact me again”

When someone tells you not to contact them again, you must have tried before and they probably hissed when they read the message. Now you have to delete their number before you mistakenly try again after too many drinks. 

“I never asked for you to do all of this” 

The worst part about this statement? They’re absolutely right. You just have to pick whatever is left of your dignity and try to move on 

“It’s not that big a deal” 

It actually is that big a deal. 

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