If there’s one thing I’m tired of seeing in Nollywood movies, outside of that damn bridge, it’s Lagos as a whole. Yes, we get it, traffic-central is the commercial hub of Nigeria, but what happened to representation, #LivesOutsideLagosMatter. 

In the spirit of defiance, I’ve compiled a list of Nollywood romcoms that weren’t set in Lagos. It was a challenging task, but I was able to find these five movies, so you’re welcome. 

Up North 

Even though we’d seen Banky W in The Wedding Party 1 and 2, Up North was the film that finally showed us he had what it takes to be a Nollywood leading man. Playing the role of a spoiled brat who gets shipped off to NYSC camp up north, Banky W brings a lot of heart and humour to his role. 

Up North may have presented Bassey’s (Banky W) budding romance with Mariam (Rahama Sadau) as its love story, but the true story for me is how he falls in love with the city of Bauchi. 

The Meeting 

Hands down one of my favourite Nollywood films EVER, The Meeting is hilarious, warm and very relatable. With Rita Dominic in one of her best performances on screen, The Meeting follows Makinde Esho (Femi Jacobs) on an unforgettable trip to Abuja, where he has to deal with a larger-than-life secretary and possibly find love along the way

If you watch The Meeting and don’t spend half of it laughing, find me so we can rack. 

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Couple of Days 

If you loved Tyler Perry’s chaotic Why Did I Get Married, you’d definitely get into Couple of Days. Following a similar premise, we’re introduced to three couples who decide to have a little getaway at their friend’s house in Ibadan

Couple of Days is more of a romantic drama than a comedy, but some laugh-out moments from Falz lighten it up as we delve into life after all the glitz and glam of a wedding party is over. 


If you’ve ever questioned whether getting into a car with a stranger would get you kidnapped, I’m here to tell you to take that risk today (take my advise at your own risk sha). Like the characters in Unintentional, who knows, you might meet the love of your life. 

Set in a bus, Toyota Corolla and random hotel in the East, Unintentional follows Seffi (Omowunmi Dada) who, while on a road trip to Imo state for NYSC, runs into Uzo (Efa Iwara), and long story short, sparks fly. 

The Wedding Party 2

The first iteration of The Wedding Party will forever remain goated, and on my list of the best ensemble comedies Nollywood has ever produced. After all, every other ensemble comedy has tried to replicate its magic. 

While The Wedding Party 2 has a lot of the same Lagos comedy, some parts — especially the romantic bits — happen in Dubai. It features the original cast with some hilarious new actors like Patience Ozokwor and Nkem Owoh. 

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