Undoubtedly, The Wedding Party was LIT!

Sola Sobowale was giving us so much life!

So naturally, this was us when we heard that there was going to be a sequel to The Wedding Party!!!

And here are 5 reasons why we can’t wait for The Wedding Party 2 to come out:

1. Dunni And Dozie are expecting twins!!

Yes! In keeping with the Nigerian tradition to start dropping babies immediately the wedding is over, behind-the-scene images have revealed that Dunni is pregnant! Whoop! Wouldn’t it be perfect if The Wedding Party 2 ended with the delivery? Hello Dunzie Jr!

2. The Wedding Party grossed a record 3.5billion at the box office and we can’t wait to see if The Wedding Party 2 will beat this record!

The Wedding Party remained sold out in cinemas all over the country for weeks after its official release. We can’t wait to see how well the sequel does. Although if all this growing anticipation is anything to go by, we suspect it’ll be a smashing success!

3. We also can’t wait to see if some of that post-engagement chemistry between Banky and Adesua will carry unto the big screen.

If you didn’t know these two are now engaged, you’re slacking and there’s no amount of elastic that can fix it. We can’t wait to troop into the cinema to see if these two are loved up for real, or if all that engagement talk was just publicity for the movie (because we have trust issues).

4. There’s an even bigger and more hilarious cast!

If you thought the cast of The Wedding Party was star-studded, The Wedding Party 2 has an even bigger cast with many returning acts and a few new ones such as Dakore Egbuson Akande, Omoni Oboli, Seyi Law and our one and only ChiGul acting as an Immigration officer!

5. Aand the movie is not out yet but there’s already so much drama!

According to the official synopsis, The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai is centred on Dozie’s brother, Nonso (Enyinna Nwigwe), who while on a date with Dunni’s oyinbo friend Deirdre (Daniella Down) – who was crushing on him anyhow in the first movie –  somehow managed to propose by accident. How someone proposes by accident we don’t know, but we suppose that’s the suspense these people want to kill us with.

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