1. When her daughter’s wedding dress tore and she was like ‘mo gbe!’

Wedding dress tearing on wedding day, chisooos!

2. When she didn’t know the difference between Efik and Igbo culture, like every Yoruba mother.

Yoruba mother of life!

3. When she couldn’t contain her excitement for her daughter.

Kuku kill all of us.

4. What of when she became paranoid and thought they had kidnapped her daughter?

The action was too much, please.

5. When she and Ali Baba danced and they were the lives of the party.

As it should be.

6. What of when the bride’s family danced in and it was the greatest dance scene ever made?

Hands down everyone’s favourite scene.

7. Also, when she was super extra while she was praying against her enemies.

And we all knew she was subbing the groom’s mother o!

8. And when she started being all mushy with her husband right in the middle of a robbery, like the bosses they are.

Mama the mama!


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