Making a woman cry during sex is not a feat just anyone can accomplish. But if you want to be among the legends and the greats, here are some things you need to know.  

Remove her wig

Anyone wearing a wig to have sex is an unserious person, so whatever they see, they should collect. If tears are your goal for the woman you’re having sex with, bundle her bundles mid-coitus and fling them out the window. She’ll stop, and sweep. Then you’ll have explain to her how you’ll replace the discarded wig.

doll in dress and jacket holding out a wig with text over head reading "here, just take it"

Ask her if she’s eaten 

Women don’t eat. Why? Nobody will ever fully understand. So if you want to cause her stress and bring some tears to her eyes, ask her if she’s eaten because you plan on ordering food. For pizzazz, tell her that coffee doesn’t count as food. She’ll break down. 

disney's princess tiana cry with text reading "cries in black princess"

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Play with her nipples

It’s important to note that they’re nipples, not shaki. So if you’re going to be biting, use the fear of the Lord to judge your actions. If not, you’ll land on an episode of Sex Sent Me to the ER, and people will laugh at you. Don’t let your enemies win. 

religious banner reading "operation pound my enemies"

Do not ignore the clit 

The clit is the only female body part that exists solely for pleasure. So why will you ignore it? Use it so it can meet its KPI for the week. Engaging her clit will make it easier to bring your woman to tears.

black lady wearing a black teeshirt with artificial dreads packed in a bun crying

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Ask her where she wants to eat after sex 

Women avoid making decisions the same way they avoid ironing clothes. That’s why for maximum tears, ask her to decide on what she wants to eat and where. She’ll burst into tears. 

black lady in cornrows wearing a purple shirt wailing and holding her head

Listen when she tells you what she wants 

You don’t know her body more than her, so you should ask questions. What does she like being done to her? How can you replicate it for her maximum pleasure? Those are the thoughts you should consider if your goal is for her to stain your pillow with tears. 

lady in red night dress sitting thoughtfully

Bring out the toys 

Sex toys are your friend, not your foe. If tears are your goal, they’re beneficial to achieving your target. Because while you, a mere mortal, might feel tired after an hour, an adequately charged toy can triple your time. By the time you’re done, the bucket you put into catching her tears will be full and overflowing. 

wig wearing man with red cat eyed sunglasses smiling knowingly

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