Making a Zeeworld blockbuster is easy, you don’t need too much story or even dialogue. You can just put the cast on a slow-motion for an entire episode. You just need the 10 things on this list to make a Zeeworld Blockbuster.

1. A man

Preferably a good looking macho piece of hunk. Also a man who doesn’t have a 9 to 5. He should have a lot of money coming from his family’s wealth and he should never be seen in an office doing any actual work.

2. A woman

3. Their families.

Because a lot of scenes, unveiling, and speechless slow motion moments will happen in front of the families.

4. The family house.

The venue for everything.

5. An unnecessarily and foolishly complicated love story.

The more senseless the better. And make sure the two lovebirds start out hating each other.

6. A villain in the family.

zikoko - Zeeworld Blockbuster

Keep your enemies close so they can have enough access to continue making your life miserable.

7. A plot-twist involving kidnapping.

Thicken the plot with some distress to your favorite character. And no matter how careless and amateur the kidnappers are, make it seem impossible for the victim to be found.

8. Another plot twist involving memory loss.

zikoko - Zeeworld Blockbuster

A good way to restart the whole story.

9. A Wedding.

zikoko - Zeeworld Blockbuster

Very important. You can drag the wedding for 3 seasons and no viewer will complain.

10. Rinse and repeat until you get to 300 episodes.

zikoko - Zeeworld Blockbuster

There you go!



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