The fact that Zeeworld actually has loyal fans keeps me up at night wondering 3 things- “How”, “Why” and “Why” again. Anyways, I am more than just a hater, i am the most dangerous type of hater. A hater with a comprehensive list.

Here’s a list of the most annoying things about Zeeworld;

1. Unnecessarily long and descriptive dialogue.

“Look the baby is crying, she is crying because her mother is not with her. Oh what a sad world where mother’s no longer stay with their children to hold them and comfort them. What kind of mother goes out without her child? Huh? You tell me. What kind of mother behaves this way?”. Normal people would pick up the baby and make a mental note to have a word with the mother later but no, not the people in Zeeworld. The scriptwriters make it a point to have the actors explain the story even as we watch it. But why?

2. Clichéd storylines.

It always boils down to the beautiful love story that the parents are against. Although to be honest 3 more scenes and you will most likely take the parents side. Like don’t you have a job to get to? Or is falling in love the entire KPI of their existence?

3. Lip syncing.

Yes we can tell the actors are not the ones saying those English words. And it’s disconcerting when the lip movement doesn’t match the words. It really is.

4. Robotic acting.

Of course this list would be very incomplete if we didn’t give a shout out to the perfectly lifeless robotic acting the actors always deliver. My church drama department could do better.

5. Stupid plot twists.

zikoko- Annoying Things About Zeeworld

Just when you think the conflict is about to be resolved, a new villain emerges and our pretty heroine falls for another stupid gimmick. We also want to use this opportunity to tell Mehek that the fastest way to reach Shaurya is to call him on the phone. We know you both have phones so why are you always confused when you want to reach him? Seriously, why?

6. And how come the family is always rich but they never go to work?

zikoko- Annoying Things About Zeeworld

Another mystery. Somehow these families always have enough money to throw on expensive clothing, matching jewelry and host mega parties. And yet they never go to work. But where is all the money coming from?

7. Forced suspense.

zikoko- Annoying Things About Zeeworld

Someone needs to tell their production team that zooming and awkward pauses does not suspense make.

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