I don’t know if it’s the beat, the “ah” and “ooooh” sounds he likes to make or the relaxed no-stress nature of his voice, but there’s something about CKay’s music that just screams fornication and pregnancy.

After taking over TikTok and the world with 2019’s Love Nwantiti (ah aha ah), CKay’s debut album, Sad Romance is set to continue his baby-making music legacy. If you don’t believe me, listen to these songs.  

1. Mmadu 

If you don’t get pregnant after listening to this song three times in a row, then maybe it’s time to pack your bags and go to Shiloh. This man drops lines like, “I go make you pass out,” and, “Girl, na you go first tap out.” Because of knacks? 

CKay, relax. Relaaaaax. It’s enough. 

2. Soja 

“Punani wet like tsunami. E dey sweet.” Why is anything as wet as a tsunami for God’s sake? Just like Mmadu, Soja is about intense fornication. The type of fornication this song ministers about is the type that’ll have you vibrating like a Nokia 3310. If you want to get pregnant, listen to this song three times a day for three days straight. Three-by-three is the right formula. 

3. Come Close (feat. Ayra Starr)

If CKay’s classic R&B-esque “I’m better than the man you’re with” verse on Come Close doesn’t get you pregnant, then listening to Ayra Starr sing right after will definitely do the trick. This babe sang, “I got murder on my mind” and I was literally ready to offer myself as a living sacrifice. 


Imagine telling a doctor you got pregnant listening to a slow amapiano track? Wonders shall never end. CKay opens up the song singing, “Take it, it’s yours,” and while he might not have been talking about babies, a part of me feels that’s what you’ll get when the song finishes its less-than-three-minute runtime. Hope you have Pampers money? 

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5. Samson and Delilah (feat. Mayra Andrade) 

We all know Cape Verde is a great tourist destination, but why didn’t anybody care to share that the Cape Verdean native language of Crioulo is this sexy? While CKay’s baby-making vibe are still on full show on Samson and Delilah, it’s Mayra Andrade’s voice that does the magic here. You may not understand what she’s saying, but best believe you’ll feel it deep down. 

6. By Now

Someone needs to ask CKay why he likes to fornicate in secret? By Now sounds like the sluttier younger brother of Mmadu and I’m totally here for it. He wants to turn you upside down and make your neighbours know his name. Goodluck with your pregnancy test after listening to this song. 

7. Emiliana

The truth is Emiliana probably won’t get you pregnant, but I’m so obsessed with it that there was no way it wouldn’t make my list. 

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