Spoiler alert: love nwantiti isn’t number one


From having one of the most-watched music videos in the world on YouTube to dominating TikTok and Shazam, CKay has had quite the year. 

Exploring street-thumping bangers to sultry slow whines, we ranked the five best songs from CKay so far.

5. Way (feat. Dj Lambo)

CKay’s released his first EP to a lukewarm reception. However, he began his road to redemption with this dance tune from his sophomore EP. He and Dj Lambo did a madness fusing Beethoven’s 5th harmony with Afrobeats. Nigerian musicians are experimenting with genres, and we’re here for it!

4. love nwantinti

TikTok catapulted love nwantinti to global acclaim. However, despite its meteoric success, love nwantinti ranks so low on this list of Ckay’s top 5 songs because all it has going for it is that it’s a cute song. The lyricism of the original song is a tad lax, but the drums will make you dance, and the hook will make you sing along. For a more immersive experience, listen to the remix with Kuami Eugene and Joeboy.

3. Mezebu (feat. Oxlade & KiDi)

In Mezebu, Ckay’s honey-soaked voice compliments the boldness of the drums. The song for finished men, it’s like being served breakfast with a delicious treat. You may want to listen this song before you date an Igbo woman. Regarding features, CKay hit the jackpot with Oxlade and KiDi; these men were delightfully down bad!

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2. Kiss Me Like You Miss Me

Kiss Me Like You Miss Me basks in the rush of ecstasy that new love brings. It’s the kind of song two first-year Unilag lovebirds sing when they see each other again after a semester’s break. Retaining elements of soul and R&B, the bass guitar, bold percussion and a burst of free-flowing piano chords meld with Ckay’s falsetto to bring forth a delicious hook. Produced by CKay himself, everything about this song has sappy, chocolatey vibes; you know CKay just entered the studio to have fun.

And when he said, “Put me for your status,” I felt it!

1. Felony

If love has not washed your head before, then we need to question your dating credentials. Felony is the quintessential love song, the song that put the boyfriend in his Boyfriend EP. It’s like listening to Coldplay on an Afropop beat. Again, while CKay’s won’t win any awards for lyricism, his ethereal vocals blend seamlessly with the piano chords, the violin (omg, the violin!), drums, everything!


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