Many end-of-year music festivals and concerts will likely not happen this year because the promoters can no longer afford to book our afrobeats artists.

But that isn’t reason enough to give up on your December enjoyment. If you really want to be in party mode throughout your holidays, you can still have maximum fun these ways.

DJ and hypemen parties

Since artists are now too expensive to book, it’s the turn of the DJs and hype-men to take centre stage. No lip-syncing or waiting for an artist to come three hours after the show starts.

Indie shows

If an artist you like, whether they’re C or Z-list, has a show, go and enjoy watching them live. There are many independent musicians and upcoming acts throwing shows this December. You get to support them, and they get to make enough money to put back into their music to make more music you lowkey love.

Spend time in clubs

You already know you’ll enjoy loud music, alcohol and dance. You already know your favourite club gives you joy every other weekend. But it’ll be pro-max in December. You’ll get to party with invited celebrities and all the big ballers in your city for longer than the usual party hours because it’s the holidays.

Or go to the beach

Lagos beaches move like clubs, with their own celebrity DJs. 

Throw your own parties

Gather your family, friends and loved ones and load up your favourite jams. Make it old-school, and everyone will be high on nostalgia, singing along till fuel finishes inside the generator (if you like, trust NEPA).

Street carnivals

If your street or estate has no plan to organise one, call a general meeting and give them the plan. Everyone will come together, have a good time and get to know that neighbour no one sees. You guys can even make estate merch to strengthen communal relationships.

Do “Home Alone”

If you want to be by yourself, that’s cool too. Eat some home-cooked food, drink up and turn up the music. Somebody say, “Macaulay Caulkin, we wanna party.”

There’ll be music at our meat and grill festival in Lagos this Saturday. Get your ticket and enjoy the biggest meat cookout in Nigeria.


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